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now the sun must go to sleep

 im very excited to do my standard traveling this summer, usually consisting of music festivals (i.e. warped tour, lollapalooza, bonnaroo) and random stays in my second homes of North Carolina and New York/New Jersey.

Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza are 100% must haves this year.
it makes me really excited to see old friends..

speaking of friends, one of my closest moved to down from his home state of NJ.
his name is rodney, check em out.
im excited for me and him to get real serious about music, we already jammed once and it felt good to just play my drums  and work on new tunes...refreshing.

its the only thing missing from my life.
and right now life is really good.
theres something i love about going to school and learning, no matter what you may think of that statement, its true.
also, i have a girlfriend that im absolutely in love, and infacuated with.
that right there is a hard feeling to explain in a measly live journal rant.

anyway, im super excited for the LGE! CD release show and seeing bruce springstein, AA bondy and so many others at this summers fine music festivals.

off to sleep.
sorry i dont hang out, i work from 4pm - 2 am everyday.
those hours give me no time to do anything but school work and sleep.
i miss you all dearly.
keep me in your minds, and dont be scared to come in and say hey sometime.
ya'll know where i work..
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