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prescription drugs

i puked up cherrybomb chicken wings last night. it made me upset that the bright red sludge went to waste.
everytime i throw up i think about the waste of food and money just went into the shit bucket.

i dont know if its just me but ive been seeing tons and tons of dead birds on the side of the road.
it makes me nervous, anybody have any idea what the hell is going on?

why does all of the 1-800-ask-gary commercials only have black spokespersons?

schools going good, its really easy right now. but thats only because im in the "remedial" classes. im kinda dumb.

going to new jersey the 30th, then driving down with rodney for the move.
im excited to have him moving down so we can finally really work on music.

lifes going really good, i have no complaints.
but between school all day, and then work all night, im tied up from 10am-2am everyday.
it sucks not having time to see my family or go out with friends, but working in a bar, thats what i have to do to pay the bills..

p.s. i feel like shit today.
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