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today i saw about 18 license plates with the custom type tag number, if you dig.
things like "HI VLTG" (which i believe stands for "DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE!) and "I WIN 1" (which is sad.).
the best was "CMN ILEN" which i pray is for "come on Eileen" cause that would be stellar.

heard today that there is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the cape.
odd, im gonna check it out soon.

i hate that edison thinks im stupid and im about 3 classes deep before i even get into "real" college courses..
it makes me feel kind of stupid, i guess is the best way to put it.
tac on a year to my college degree due to not being smart enough, whatever.
a degree is a degree..

i cant wait for my W2, im gonna file that shit within an hour of it being placed in my palm.

why is the asian gene so strong?
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